Frequently Asked Questions

+ What Should I Bring?

We will provide you with a helmet and gloves, but you are welcome to bring your own.

Good shoes are required, as you are required to be able to run for the takeoff. Ideally something with ankle support, however sneakers or running shoes will be fine.

We recommend that you bring sunglasses, and a jacket appropriate for the season. Something that will protect against the wind is fantastic for flying in.

You can leave belongings in the van, which will meet you at the bottom of the mountain after landing.

+ Howe long does the flight/trip take?

Our rotation time is one hour, from meeting you at the bottom of Treble Cone, to landing at the end of your flight.

Our average flight time is 10-12 minutes without lift. If we have thermals and good conditions, we can occasionally extend the flight to 15-20 minutes.

+ Are there any Weight/Age Restrictions

Yes. Our weight limit for passengers is 25kg to 120kg. Children under 18 require parental consent to fly, and we have a children's harness specially designed for kids.

+ How Do I Know If the Flight is going ahead

You will receive a confirmation email once your booking is confirmed.

On the morning of your flight, we will get in touch via email/SMS/phone call to confirm that we are flying, or inform you if we have unsuitable weather.

You must provide us with a working email and phone number (preferably local, or with international prefix) when you make your booking, as this is our method to contact you for any weather updates.

+ What is your Cancellation Policy

A full refund will be given if we cannot fly due to weather. You will be given the option to move your booking to the next good day, and we recommend you book your flight early during your stay in case this happens.

No refund will be given for customers who do not turn up for their flight or do not inform us that they cannot fly.

+ Can I Bring A Friend?

Yes. We have shade, beanbags and seating in our landing field, and it is a fantastic place to watch the flight and see the landing.

We cannot allow non-passengers to ride to the takeoff in our van as per our arrangements with the landholder of our takeoff.

+ Can I Bring A Camera on the flight?

You are welcome to bring a camera on the flight, as long as we can tie it onto your harness and secure it in case of it being dropped.

We are not responsible for any personal belongings being damaged during the flight.

+ Do I need to declare any medical conditions?

All customers need to declare any of the below medical conditions. Please note this does not necessarily exclude a person from doing our activities.

– Pregnancy (More than 3 months)

– Heart Condition

– Recent Sprains or Muscular injuries

– Panic/Anxiety Attacks

– High/Low Blood Pressure

– Bone Disorders

– Fragile Skin

– Dislocations

– Diabetes

– Epilepsy

– Prosthetics

– Neurological Disorders

– Disabilities

– Physical Impairment

– Motion sickness

+ Do You Offer Photos and Videos

Yes. Our pilots capture a fantastic selection of photos and videos during your flight, for an extra $60. The photos will be available to view after your flight, and you may decide then if you would like to purchase them.

We copy the photos and videos directly onto your mobile phone, or a USB stick that we provide if mobile is not an option.

+ Will I Be Able to Fly the Glider?

Yes, subject to conditions and your pilot's safety assessment of the day.

Please inform the pilot before your briefing, as an extra briefing is required for this.